This is the BMW E39 that has been made to look like a F10 5 series. There was not much information to be found about the car, but the description of the video below talked of a "kita" after it was translated from Bulgarian to English.

"Ll! we offer cars must have passed

1. TUV - Germany

2 DEKRA- Bulgaria / Germany /


cars are registered in the territory of the EU without a problem. and beyond the documents of the EU


The kit includes front-and rear fenders, front and rear cover. The 4 doors. and zadni.predna front and rear bumpers, side sills, left and right.

KITAT- can be made

1. fiberglass

2. Carbon fiber

3. ABS.polipropilen,

4. metal -aluminium

Installation is performed by 1. screw assembly 2.zalepvane -specialized 3. plastic welds. 4. color welding ...

Here you

buy - kita- without installation. no lights, no paint, = 4 700 BGN.

buy -montiran whale / in your car. paint, as you deliver your headlights 6700lv

buy - everything, that is, to bring a car and get it ready to ride 9770lv ready to buy a car from us. pashtate and drive = about 15 700 BGN


it is for the base version Mpaketa 1000lv top and tuned versions of -dogovorka"

(Courtesy of Google Translate)

The description, if you haven't figured it out already, talks about the conversion as a kit, which can be made with fiberglass, carbon fiber, ABS plastic, and metals such as aluminum.


They will also install the kit on your BMW (if you cough up more on top of the price of the kit) with screws, glue (presumably), and plastic welds. Also, we can't forget color welding.

Buy the "kita", presumably meaning kit, for 4700 BGN (2938 USD) or for 6700 BGN (4188 USD) you can have it installed by them!

This is all jolly well, but an important question arises. Why?


The stock E39 is already a good looking car, though a bit aged. But there is a very healthy after market for these BWMs, and anyone with a bit of money to throw at their cars can have something sensible like this:


The car pictured above is a better bet in my opinion. Why have the pretentious F10 replica when you can have a car that you can actually appreciate?

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