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The Aventador is Lamborghini’s bread and butter, and people liked it so much that Lamborghini came out with an encore, the Aventador S. But at an astronomical $400k for a base model before options, not a whole lot of Lamborghini’s fan base can afford one, unsurprisingly. Some people turn to the cheaper V12 alternatives, like an used Aventador or a Murcielago, while others settle for 2 less cylinders, such a new/used Huracan, or a Gallardo. But those who can’t afford either alternatives, will pursue replicas. While we’ve seen the typical array of Fiero/MR2/Ford Cougar based replicas, or in some cases a full custom tube frame chassis, I can assure you that you’ve never seen anything like the car from the video below.

This Aventador replica is based on an Audi R8, with the V10, no less, and judging by the body panels in the video, some of them seem to be genuine Aventador panels, which costs a pretty penny or two. While this replica is one of the wildest builds I’ve seen in a while, and certainly the most exotic by far, in materials only, the only way I can justify this is building it on a wrecked or ruined R8, which this R8 probably is. But even then, the idea of bastardizing a masterpiece of engineering from Audi pains me in in every way possible, and besides, the idea of owning a replica repulses most gearheads because of how poser-ish it seems, especially if it’s a replica of a hot ticket item such as the Aventador.


But here’s a thought, the Aventador is engineered by Audi, and so is the R8, obviously. And with the plethora of presumably genuine Lamborghini panels used throughout the car, along with the V10 which is shared by the Gallardo, does this mean that this replica isn’t really a replica after all?

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